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Dancin' In The Streets

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Listen to the music and dance!

Don't be a party killer!

With the 2017 wedding season just about to kick off, I thought I'd re-post this important message.

I've seen this too many times and each time I do, I say to my second photographer or the videographer "where the hell's the bride and groom?..why aren't they out there dancing?!"

What am I talking about? Well it's like this; after the bride and grooms' first dance, they vanish from the dance floor like they don't belong there. And for most, and in some weddings ALL, of the night - they're just not out there!

Instead, there's a group of five to eight women, maybe a flower girl or a three year-old, who are the 'repeat dancers' the rest of the reception. The whole night. The groom? Who the hell knows where he is, but he's not around.

Party Killer! Want to drain the life out of the reception you paid a lot for? Want your guests to sit at their tables, looking at their mobile phones, waiting for you to cut the cake so they can leave?

If you stay off the dance floor - for whatever reason - your guests will take this as a message that you're not really interested in having fun and they'll stay on their butts, the whole night! To make it worse, if the groom is M.I.A. - missing in action - outside smoking, at the bar with his closest friends most of the time and not with you out on the dance floor for at least half of the songs, you're going to disappoint a lot of your guests. They'll leave early and the room will be deserted just as soon as the cake is handed out - if not sooner.

Your guests are there to celebrate and see you having a good time. You and the groom are the stars of the night! All the attention is focused on you! That means you have to be visible, on the dance floor, laughing, twirling, shouting and having a blast.  If you do, so will they.

So get out there and dance.  Your guests will  follow and soon the floor will be filled with people having a great evening celebrating your wedding day. That's what you want, right?

You say the groom's too uncomfortable or too shy to dance? What the hell! Too bad! Get the groomsmen to do something other than just standing around with beers and make them get the groom out there, with them, and to keep him out there dancing.  A few good drinks in him and anybody will lose their inhibitions and dance.  So important; make it clear to your fiance, soon-to-be-husband, that you damn well expect him to dance with you and the rest of the bridal party and guests a lot. Get some bridesmaids enforcers to do the dirty work of making sure he obeys!

You say you don't like to dance too much either? Or you're not a "good dancer"? B.S! Anyone can dance in a crowd. I know you have bridesmaids who can dance and will keep you rockin'. Get with them and they'll give you all the support you need, believe me.  Make sure the DJ knows exactly what songs - not just the type of music - that will get you, the bridal party and especially the groom out there dancing.

Pick a DJ company that has "DJ entertainers" who will get out on the floor and start line dances to all those tacky yet dancable hits you've heard at other weddings. Do those songs suck? Yes, but they get the crowd going and people, including men of all ages will dance to them!

And don't forget the "seniors" - those guests 50 and over, and your grandparents' generation - who would love to get out on the floor and dance to some of their favorites from the 40's, the nifty fifties, the 70's and 80's. They will love you for having music they can dance to. It's fun, they smile a lot and the party just keeps getting better.

Remember: Your reception is a party, thrown by you, for your guests. Treat them like guests, be out there on the dance floor with them, dancing with cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbors, grand parents. 

Take my word from someone who goes to 30 or more receptions a season; a successful, fun-filled reception always and without exception centers on the dancing and you and the groom must lead!

So I hope you dance.




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